Youth Opportunties Unlimited - 2007 Charity Raffle
As part of our annual Syndicate World Conference, we hold a Charity Raffle to raise money to support YOU. This year was no different except that we had an overwhelming number of prizes. Codemasters was a HUGE supporter this year and send 2 boxes full of items ranging from copies of games (like Archlord, Lord of the Rings Online etc..) to gametime cards to TShirts to much more. We had copies of Legend of The Syndicate as well as our guild cookbook. We had a number of the McFarlane Dragon sculptures. We had a slew of Syndicate branded items. A large "6 seat" dining room style table was piled high with prizes t win. And when you combine that many prizes... with $1 raffle tickets... with 140+ Syndies... you end up with $830 in money raised to support YOU. This was a huge amount to their cause and a much larger donation than they often get from anyone. It was so significant that our guild charity coordinator called our YOU contact and ended up waking her up. When he relayed the amount to her she was speechless and overwhelmed with thanks for the team. So once again Syndicate members, THANKS for supporting charity!!

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