It Is Truly A Small World
Ron Wild (aka: Bril) is our team lead for the guides we write for Prima games. A recent business trip took him to Salt Lake City where some issues with his van forced him to stop for a bit. He relays the story of what happened: I was in Salt Lake City, the van had overheated. I let the van cool down and decided to get a Pizza right off Foothills drive before driving up Parleys Canyon. The guy behind county had on a T-Shirt that read "OMFG" and under it that it said "Ontario Management Financial Group".

I looked at him and said "Thats not what it means." To which he replied, "It does for most people." So we started talking about gaming and he mention that he was playing WoW and LotR and he had just purchased the Prima guide. I mentioned I knew a little about each game and he went on and on about the guide and how those Syndicate people that wrote the guide must be really lucky. He discussed how he went to the Syndicate website and tired to get an application through, yadda yadda.

Yet, the big bomb came when he broke out the strategy guides from his backpack and showed me them. He showed me the page with The Syndicate writers credits at my prompting. It was then that he noticed the first name on the list of Syndicate writers and put two and two together when I handed him my debit card to pay. I thought he was going to have a seizure right there. He called this other guy out from the back and we had a lively discussion for the next 5 minutes while they made a PEON ("WHAT? MORE WORK") box up the pizza to go.

That was a great story to hear because it illustrates both how far and wide gaming has spread in the world and how you never know where something you do will come back around to haunt you or to help you. Most guild's don't have to worry about how their reputations will look 5 or 10 years down the road since they won't be around to care. The Syndicate has been around since 1996 and will be around for many years more. As such, we do care what our reputation looks like years down the road. Partnering with Prima Games to help revolutionize MMO Strategy Guides has been a positive thing for the gaming community and something we are proud to be associated with. You just never know who will pull out one of those guides and where that conversation will lead.

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