New World .. Delayed But Evolving

The Syndicate did heavy testing of New World in 2018/2019. The game had promise with the power of Amazon behind it and some fun mechanics. And it had some horrible flaws. Losing your city while you slept was the failed Shadowbane model and they embraced that early on in New World. Only being able to craft top tier gear if you had one of the very rare city spots with the right resource and could put down top tier crafting benches only made that problem worse. In short, the game was destined to fail. We made that clear in our feedback and to their credit, they listened and retooled. The game was slated to come out in April 2020 but was delayed until late August due to Corona/Covid. But they made some core changes. PvP was a choice rather than being ganked anywhere you went. You could take a fort that protected a town and you could lose that fort while you slept, but it was a choice. And the town itself, persisted. So you could buy a house in a town.. decorate.. put up crafting benches etc.. and be unaffected by the war of the forts. Optionally, you could chose to participate and help attack the fort or defend the fort. Those were all great, core changes to the game mechanics. Now, we need to see how they play out in August but The Syndicate intends to be there and check them out to see if the game has the stickiness needed to keep us playing it.

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