Transformers Universe
In 2014, The Syndicate began working with Jagex on their game Transformers Universe. It was a MMORPG where players chose to be an Autobot or a Deceptigon. There was PvE content and PvP battles between the two sides. Players collected a "garage" of transformers and could level them up through combat and switch between them for different play styles. There was solo and group play and you could be both the 'robot' form and the 'car' form. Different bots had different skills that fell into, more or less, the typical MMO roles of Tank, DPS, Ranged and Healing.

The Syndicate performed a number of tests for them and supplied lengthy reports on areas to focus on and improve. Jagex was very responsive to the testing and showed a strong culture of caring for what the players felt was fun. It is always rewarding to work with a developer who is seeking to make a game that players want to be involved in rather than one focused on making 'the' game their initial design documents said they were making.

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