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The Syndicate decided to make SOTA our next "Major Game". By that we mean there will be a presence of hundreds of members and we will allow the recruiting of new members through that game. We have a presence in many games but only allow recruiting in a select few games. For SOTA, over 225 members pledged their support to the game during the Kickstarter campaign and the associated preorder offerings. Although The Syndicate represented only about .1% of the total people supporting the game, we represented over 1% of the actual dollars given to support the game. Said differently, the average Syndicate member supported SOTA at more than 10 times the average non-member. There was clearly a large commitment to the game and it was only natural that we have a significant, sustained presence. Throughout the start of 2015, The Syndicate had hundreds of members voting in the various polls to pick the 2015 Most Anticipated game of the year, driving SOTA to win many of them by solid margins. There is a great amount of faith and confidence in Richard Garriott, Starr Long and the rest of the Portalarium team.

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