Monster Gating
For a time in UO, monsters would go through gates. If you, for example, were fighting and gated out. the monsters would chase you out. Several "kiddies" used this to cause trouble in dungeons by doing things like gating poison elementals into people and then looting the dead. We at The Syndicate dont subscribe to that kind of unethical behavior but monster gating did play a fun role in the guild.

On several large occasions, huge monster attacks were arranged on AD from the different dungeons. The tunnel under AD was used because boxes on the ground didnt decay fast and because monsters didnt destroy them. Large groups of monsters would be gated in and staged there until a good 50 or so were in place. Then, when all the adventurers were in place above on the island, the handlers would gate them out.

Some wild and fun player versus monster battles were fought. Hoardes of earth elementals, hell hounds, orcs and many other monster types would roam AD in these massive events. Dozens of players swarmed the island slaying them or, if they were unlucky, dying and being viciously looted by the monster hoardes.

All that came to an end one day when OSI put in place code such that monsters no longer took gates in order to prevent the kiddies from dropping dragons on top of players hunting something alot easier.

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