In late 2020, Blizzard launched the Shadowlands expansion for WoW. For a month or so, it was the hottest selling game of all time. Cyberpunk surpassed it with it's launch but that is hugely impressive for an expansion/overhaul of a game with such a long life. Players (and The Syndicate was no exception) flocked back despite having their level decreased to 50 and a new cap of 60 put in place. There was new content... a better and more fun way to level alts... new systems to play... new lands to explore... and even some older stuff redone but fun to do again. Blizzard went all out with this launch and it was very successful. The real question remains: Will this expansion be the same as all the prior ones (since Lich King) where there is a surge of players coming into the game... who play it hard... for 3-6 months... and then they leave again waiting for something new to come along? Blizzard has long since deviated from their "once a year" expansion promise made back a the launch and those lengthy gaps take a toll on the community each time. It will be interesting to see if Shadowlands keeps players or if they fade away after a few months. Regardless, the content was very well received and was very engaging to players when it launched.

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