The Ruins of Kunark
Partially to compete with OSIs expansion of UO and partially to add new stuff to the game, Verant also released an expansion to Everquest about the middle of April 2000 called the Ruins of Kunark.

This expansion was highly anticipated by players because it did several things. First off it raised the level limit currently set at 50. This allowed high level players, of which The Syndicate has a large and rapidly growing number, to set and achieve new goals. The second thing it did was to add 30% more area to the world in the form of 20 new zones. This was particularly important because Tarew Marr, The Syndicates home, was becoming increasingly crowded.

With the new lands comes new monsters, and entire new race of Lizard people, new magical weapons, new NPCs and new quests. Players can even become this new race of lizard people called Iksar. Teleport spots are added to the new world for wizards and druids and 2 boats sail to the lands. One from Antonica and the other from Faydwer.

This EQ expansion offers alot more possibilities for The Syndicate.

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