SyndCon 2018

SyndCon 2018 was the 17th annual event and took place during the 22nd year as an online gaming organization. Over 200 people attended and the event was incredibly successful, taking place over 5 days in Washington, DC.

This year the SOTA team (Starr Long) was present again. There were some good conversations around the state of SOTA and what changes, we felt, were needed to move it in a stronger direction. The discussions were well received and starting in the very next publish, the game moved in the suggested direciton.

Mark Jacobs from Camelot Unchained was there for a couple hours of play testing and feedback. It was wonderful to see the evolution of CU and the parallels to DAOC that live in its DNA.

Derek Brinkmann and Sonya Weathers were there from Legends of Aria. Being a community that grew up on (and still heavily plays today) Ultima Online, LOA resonates with the community. Having a focused session with Derek on the game and its direction was extremely helpful to the team.

Amazon was present to show off New World. While still having a ways to go in development, it represented a fun time for the attendees who saw potential in its goals and were hopeful to see it come to fruition as the game launchewd.

And, of course, our old friends from Broadsword were there to talk Ultima Online. It is very cool to see the continued passion they bring to the game and to explore the very cool plans for the near term future and even the ideas for further out.

Alienware/Dell was the sponsor for the LAN event again this year and Frank Azor was the keynote speaker at the main meeting. Frank and Dell have been consistent supporters and we are very proud of the partnership we maintain with them. Closed door sessions looking at and providing feedback on some future product directions are a hallmark of SyndCon and this year was no exception.

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