Good Gaming 2.0
The folks at Good Gaming "get it". Not every idea person out there actually 'gets it' but the team at GG does. They 'get' that they need feedback from players before they launch their product. They 'get' that they have to listen to the players and make a product the players want. They 'get' that e-sports is a large and growing aspect of gaming but that it is very exclusionary and that most gamers will never participate in a tournament or have any chance to win. So they 'get' that there is a need for a solution that engages a large, untapped segment of players and offers them a chance to compete and win prizes.

To that end, the GG team brought in The Syndicate as they were preparing the launch of their 2.0 platform. They had already tested their core technology with their 1.0 version back at the end of 2015. Now it was time to make the offering ready for the public. The Syndicate stepped in and ran multiple tournaments; hunted for bugs; suggested tweaks; provided in depth feedback; reviewed the website and conducted surveys all to help develop a first class product.

Sometimes when we work with groups, they (after the more senior management folks) push back against the feedback. Change costs money but you have to spend money to make money. You need a product that is strong and complete and that will resonate with players. The team at Good Gaming fully understood that. They embraced the feedback. They continually improved their product. And they have a very comprehensive and powerful vision for where they are taking the product.

Working with Good Gaming was a very rewarding experience. We are excited to see their platform moving forward and excited to see its success in the marketplace.

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