ImaNewbie Comes To Atlantic
There are few people in the UO world who dont know who ImaNewbie is. He is a hilariously funny comic who has been providing weekly, humorous slices of UO life for a long time now at his site (

Up until now he has lived on Pacific shard. There he has a very distinctive look in terms of clothes, always carries a war axe (Golf Putter) and has a specific guild name/abbreviation/title. He is also very often a target for anti-social players who would like to kill him just because he is well known. Kiddies.

After spending more than a year on Pacific, Ima was approached by a Syndicate member, BlackKarma, and the idea of coming to Atlantic to visit was discussed. Dragons then got involved and he and Ima talked and it seemed there was a perfect match here.

Ima was looking to meet additional people besides his Pacific friends and The Syndicate thought his comics were hilarious. The player run city of Arx Draconis seemed like the perfect place for Ima to meet new people and gain new material for the comics. So a friendship between Ima and Dragons and The Syndicate was born.

Coming over to Atlantic he worked his character very hard while placing his char on a spare guildstone The Syndicate had. A "Meet ImaNewbie" event was held and dozens of players turned out to say hi! He has been a guest judge at AD contests and a fresh new face on the Atlantic world and especially at AD events. Currently living in a small house on Arx Draconis, ImaNewbie has added humor and brought a breathe of fresh air to Atlantic shard.

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