SyndCon 2019

Our 18th annual SyndCon convention took place in August of 2019. We returned to Las Vegas for the 3rd time and this time we were at The Rio. Each time we go to Vegas, the hotel we booked at seems to get torn down and rebuilt within a year or two. This time there are rumors The Rio is getting taken down to bill a baseball stadium, although the Caesar's folks assured us that was not the case. Taking place over 5 days, SyndCon follows a familiar path of LAN gaming, tabletop gaming, developer feedback sessions, hardware feedback sessions, annual meeting, breakout sessions, events like Medieval Times (or in this case The Excalibur) and the raffle. Over 200 members and guests attend. What is always interesting are the local people (i.e. hotel security, other events nearby etc..) that wander by and share the same interest and passion. We always meet some new people, from all walks of life, who end up hanging out and making friends. Those often seem to result in new members and a whole fresh set of diverse life experiences that enrich and enhance the community.

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