Syndicate Expeditions

In 2019, MMOs were having a bit of a dry spell. The last big blockbuster game was World of Warcraft from more than a decade before. Since then there certainly were fun and successful games but they tended to retain their large audiences for months, rather than for years. The Syndicate had presences in many of them but those were measured in tens of people versus hundreds of people. The Syndicate is based around a team of friends, with a shared interest/hobby of online gaming and that shared hobby is used to have positive, shared experiences that grow and reinforce those friendships. With MMOs being a little 'bleh' during this timeframe, we expanded our focus into other areas. We called that expansion "Expeditions". Teams of 50-100 Syndies would enter into a game (like Anthem) for 3-6 months. The team would play the game together; have those shared experiences; but having entered into it with the expectation it was going to be short lived. At the end of that period, a new game would be chosen and another expedition launched.

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