The Syndicate Turns 24!

As February rolls around each year, we get a chance to share some of my pride in The Syndicate ( for having reached another milestone anniversary as an online gaming community. We celebrate our 24th anniversary this year. Each year, hundreds of thousands of guilds/clans/communities rise and fall so it never fails to amaze how different a group of hundreds of like minded people, willing to invest their time to come together for events like SyndCon, and meet each other outside of gaming, can achieve. There is almost no turnover. There is no drama. Its just hundreds of awesome people, with a shared passion for gaming, working as one team. The team is color-blind to the typical challenges we face in the day to day world and thus is a highly diverse set of experiences, believes, shapes and sizes yet functions as an integrated team of friends. It is amazing to see that level of integration and friendship at work and it gives me hope for the world at large. Congrats on 24 years Syndies!

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