Albion Matures
The Syndicate spent extensive time working on Albion over the course of 2013. Long before testing began to add in other guilds and players, The Syndicate had logged thousands of man-hours of play and the game had grown and expanded tremendously. When we were first approached to help with Albion we accepted the chance to look at the game. What we saw at first was a game with a great deal of potential but one that fell well short of being accepted by the main stream once it went live. It had the ability to be addictively fun but it was failing in several areas. One KEY area the developers did not fail in was Listening. They asked for feedback. They received many pages, across numerous tests, of detailed feedback and suggestions. And, most importantly, they listened and reacted. Albion of today preseves all the charm and goodness that it had when it was first unveiled to us but it is now much deeper.. much more polished.. with many more features that players expect and demand.. and several fresh new things to help differentiate it in the marketplace.

Sandbox Interactive is one of those rare developers that actually wants feedback and then acts on it. Far too often developers wait until its too late and then 'test' their game. At that point all they are really doing is giving a preview to the public and they can make a few balancing tweaks. Sandbox asked early... they listened.. and the overhauled entire systems and designed and created entire new systems based on those results. As a result of that effort, they have a much stronger game on their hands and its been a pleasure to work with them.

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