Testing The Killer Nic 2100
The Syndicate began partnering with Bigfoot Networks in 2010 to help test their high end network cards. The initial test was for the KillerNic 2100 card. The testing involved a small group of Syndicate testers who put the card through its paces. It was tested against leading edge MMOs, modern FPS games, and heavy network loads such as continuous large file transfers. A number of issues were uncovered that were passed to Bigfoot and corrected before the product launch so we felt very good about being able to have a positive impact on the success of the launch. The card also performed very well and offered a number of benefits to gamers which Bigfoot has clearly highlighted in their marketing. The NIC is an area most gamers don't pay much attention to but if they did they could get those fractions of a section needed to get the kill in their chosen FPS... or they could add more DPS in their MMOs by being able to react just a bit faster.

Bigfoot summed up the testing results as follows: At the end of a week we got a thick report, precisely distilled from the combined impressions of 5 different Syndicate members, and full of deadly feedback about things as diverse as the user interface, the prototype packaging and the red lights on the inside of the Killer™ 2100. What impressed us most, though, was the density of the positive feedback. It wasn’t all fun and games – The Syndicate pointed out many possible improvements in our beta software, and we’ll be passing lots of these improvements on to you, not only for launch but also in future updates to Killer™ Network Manager. Nice to know that there really is a secret society out there that delights in "crushing the bones of our enemies and wielding the burning light of justice." And they’re on your side.

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