At the time of writing this history article, for much of its 22 years of history, The Syndicate has been a heavy influencer on the future state and evolution of online gaming as well as gaming hardware. It was in Q1 2018 when a really cool example of the degree to which The Syndicate influences the gaming space came out. It is no secret that The Syndicate partnered with Dell/Alienware to aid in the process of evolving gaming hardware. The mechanics of how that are done are not something we discuss publicly but the relationship has gone on for many years and has had a number of positive impacts. Annually, Dell brings all of its retailers in the world into a big product showcase where they have the chance to discuss gaming products and roadmaps with top retail accounts. Retailers asked questions regarding directions that Dell is going with their new Alienware products and if they believe these changes will be accepted or triumphed by gamers. The Dell responses from their product group was just awesome. The core comment was: “Dell as a unique relationship with one of the largest and oldest Gaming Guilds in the World…The Syndicate. We test these new technologies with actual gamers and get there feedback. We trust our design directions and validate it against actual gamers due to this relationship.”

Most guild's claim to be awesome. Many claim to matter. There is only one that actually has a significant degree of influence on the future and on the evolution of online gaming and gaming hardware. Long Live The Syndicate.

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