Omicron and the Pandemic

This is really the obligatory "pandemic" entry. By this point is has been 2 years since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. We have seen cases spike and the world panic.. only to realize the next wave (called Delta) spiked higher and we panicked more... only to see the next wave (called Omicron) spike so high it made the other 2 spikes look like nothing at all and almost makes you wonder why we panicked so hard about those. By late February 2022, Omicron was fading across the world and that is a good thing. What we did see from the Pandemic though was a resurgence of online gaming and of renewing long distance friendships and, in many ways, the normalization of 'online' activities whether that is talking to friends or gaming or family video calls or work. The Syndicate pioneered that kind of community and how to build relationships, grow and maange a team and how to be successful when hundreds of people were located all over the world. We already proved what was possible and learned the lessons of diverse teams being highly successful teams... of promoting only based on demonstrated ability (and not for any other reasons) achieving the best results... and on how to communicate effectively, using the strengths of different, complementary forms of media to a team of adults located all over the world. The pandemic normalized, to the world, what The Syndicate pioneered and mastered decades before.

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