27th Anniversary

It has become almost an expectation that every year we will have a new anniversary and certainly 2023 is no exception. Reaching the 27th anniversary milestone is another huge achievement for The Syndicate. We know over 114,000,000 other gaming communities have risen and fallen, where billions of members tried and failed to create what The Syndicate has succeeded in building. We believe the number to actually be much higher at over 250,000,000 gaming guilds. Regardless, players tend to use guilds as toons to achieve a goal within a game, but those founding the guilds tend to believe theirs is 'the' idea... 'the' community... 'the secret sauce'... that will last for years to come and bring them some sort of legendary status. Few people found a guild and think "I am making this to fail in a few months". But the reality is, almost every one of them will fail between 6 months and 2 years. Almost no one ever reaches 10 years.. much less 27 years. A guild that was founded in 2023, that wanted to reach the same level of achievement, would need until 2050 to equal what The Syndicate has achieved in longevity, so far. That wouldn't even begin to layer on the game developer engagements, computer hardware manufacturer teams we are on, charitable contributions we have made and so much more. Our 27th anniversary is very special to us and an achievement very few players will experience. We do not blast it around the internet but we are very proud of reaching that milestone with the hope of many more in the future.

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