The Syndicate Turns 9 Years Old!
Back in early 1996, The Syndicate was founded. Things were different back then. MMORPGs didnt exist yet (well Neverwinter Nights was kind of an MMORPG run by AoL). UO wasnt in alpha test yet but that was coming. Meridian 59 was approaching its beta. Even the internet was new back then. 14.4modems were the shiznit and 32.2 was cutting edge. Personal domain names? Yeah, whatever. You were lucky to have any webspace at all or even find someone that could code HTML.

Today, in 2005, we are known throughout the gaming world. To really sum up into words what we have achieved is very difficult to do since its such an impossible feat that we have achieved. There are a few other old guilds in gaming. There are a few other successful online gaming organizations (stand the test of time, span more than 1 gaming world, are known throughout the gaming world etc..). There are alot of "im da best cuz I killed X before joo did beotch!" groups out there who are revered or feared on their server and beyond that arent worth the time it takes to talk about them in the grand scheme of things as they all ultimately implode.

Our very first logo makes the bold claim that we were the premier guild. And looking back through history, sure enough, we really were. At the time it was posturing and chest thumping. But looking back, it turns out we were right. Since that time we have only improved.. we have achieved many more milestones than we ever dreamed existed in the gaming world when the guild was first formed. And now when we say it, we have 9 years of history to back it up.

A few of those milestone achievements include:
  • We are the first MMORPG guild to get a corporate sponsor
  • We are the first and only guild to Trademark its guild name
  • We published 2 chapters in this book: that talk about what future games need to attract and retain guilds and to have a successful guild management system.
  • A number of our members are developers of major games and through direct and indirect feedback we are able to play a small part to make gaming better for all players.
  • We have the largest, single guild event in the history of online gaming every year. Its called our Syndicate World Conference and we have had 3 very successful ones so far.
  • Around 80% of our guild has been with us from 1 to 8 years! We lose less than 2% of the guild to quitting due to rule issues or to join other guilds. And, ironically, more than 85% of those that do quit (whether to join someone else or because they are leaving gaming) apply to rejoin at some point in the future. Most get rejected but that basically says that most all who leave (even when the very few that blow up over something and quit) want to come back.
  • More than 30,000 people have tried to become Syndicate members over the years. Few succeeded but its nice to know that so many want to.
  • The Syndicate, as a unit, represents more than 4500 years of online gaming experience.

So happy 9th Anniversary!!! It is a major achievement that most other guilds will not accomplish. So whether you love The Syndicate or not, they have not only lasted but they have thrived for 9 years. Happy Anniversary!

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