The Syndicate Expanded Game Support (S.E.G.S.)

For many years there was the misperception that The Syndicate only existed within a couple of games. That perception was driven by the fact that our "Join Us" page only has forms for perhaps 2 or maybe 3 games at a time. While we only recruit new members for a few games at a time, we actually exist in MANY games at any given time. For those other games we create and maintain our presences using existing members only. Many times those presences range in size from 20 to perhaps 100 members. Occasionally (like with Diablo 3) they spike larger. For those "Expanded Games" we know our presence will be short term (6-12 months) or we know we will have a limited set of members in the game so we do not open up new recruiting for those Syndicate entites. In 2012 we decided to add this page to our website to share a bit more about the 'current' (and we use that term loosely as we will update this page spordically rather than keeping it up to the minute current) list of other games we also have formal presences in. Again, we do not recruit new members there. Our Syndicate forces are composed of veteran members only in these titles:

Diablo 3
Star Wars: The Old Republic
EQ Next Landmark
Star Citizen
Elder Scrolls Online
Planetside 2
Minecraft (internal, massive, private server)
Guildwars 2
Black Desert
Crowfall (testing)
Camelot Unchained (testing)
Shards Online
Heroes Song
(and many more... This is only a partial listing and does not include presences in unreleased titles for consulting purposes)
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