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The Syndicate has a close relationship with Sony Online Entertainment. In late 2010 we were heavily participating in the DC Universe Online (DCUO) beta with about 100 members. SOE setup a small "DCUO University" day at their Austin Studio and invited The Syndicate to attend. A delegation made up of local Austin members was sent and had a great time. One thing that SOE does extremely well is Community Engagement. They were the first major MMO company to do huge player events (i.e. Fan Faire) in real life. They have a variety of events like this University event to bring in key influencers for their games to get advanced views of upcoming changes and to ask them what they would like their games to add. SOE 'gets' that Community is key to making a game that stands the test of time. That is the main reason Everquest is still cooking along as of late 2010.

DC University was billed as: Congratulations! The faculty and staff of Sony Online Entertainment Austin are proud to admit you to DC University!

Your interest in our curriculum (and certainly not your grades) have demonstrated to us that you are the right kind of student to absorb and use our unique instruction in superheroism (or supervillainy) and become the next great legend, either saving the world or conquering it in DC Universe Online.

A place is being held for you at our freshman orientation on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at our Austin campus. Here, you’ll meet our esteemed faculty:

“Dean of Students” John Blakely
“Professor Emeritus” Chris Cao
“Professor” Wes Yanagi
“Professor” Jens Andersen
“Professor” Mark Anderson
Guest Lecturer Marv Wolfman

Incoming freshman will also tour the campus, and engage in extended gameplay session, taking your first steps into the wonderful world of lifesaving and life taking amongst the likes of Superman, Batman, The Scarecrow, Black Adam, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and other esteemed graduates of our program. Financial aid is available for you (or your minion/freelancer) should you qualify.

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