Alienware Value Added
Each year during SyndCon we provide feedback to Alienware/Dell on upcoming product lines and this year that feedback was collected via a survey. To demonstrate the value added from The Syndicate, here is a useful comparison. A similar survey was given at QuakeCon and there were 42 responses. The Syndicate was asked to give feedback on the same array of products and there were 331 responses from the core demographics that would potentially buy the products. To have hired an independent company to produce the same quantity of results would have cost over $25,000 and the respondants would not have necessarily been within the target demographic or had anywhere near the gaming experience.

The Syndicate highly values its relationship with its hardware partners like Dell/Alienware or Plantronics or QualComm to name several. We pride ourselves on providing a large amount of value added feedback in a timely manner to help shape future product lines. The value we add is not just something we 'think' we add. Its recognized and believed very strongly by our partners. Here is a short excerpt from one such communication from 2014: Every year for the past 5 or so years Alienware has sponsored and partnered with The Syndicate, the longest running and largest guild in the world. The Syndicate is far more than just a gaming guild they have played an essential role in the research, marketing and planning of the last 2 generations of Alienware products and just about every product we are launching over the next 12 months.

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