Merc Battles
Perhaps the only pkiller group more notorious than AoD was the Mercs. Banned from the early online game 'DarkSun' they came over to UO and Atlantic shard. Placing a tower and a small base east/north east of Wrong, they were also imfamous pkillers and bug users. Their chatzone was often known as the place where trash talk was spewed and replied to in kind. If you wanted a good laugh you went there and read the last rag.

Much like AoD, no one liked The Mercs and there was no love lost between them and The Syndicate. Battles raged often on AD and at their tower. Our pvp oriented members gave better than they got but non-pvp members were often killed. In those days there were no resurrection penalties for being red so most of the mercs were red.

There were often large battles around their tower. The goal was always to get inside because since there were no secure containers, much loot could be obtained. On 3 occasions The Syndicate did get inside (although never into the small house placed on the tower roof) and much loot was taken.

Eventually TM went the way of the dodo and faded from UO. While we were always opposed to their pk and bug using views, they were respected for their prowess in battle and there was always fun to be had when the 2 sides clashed.

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