LLTS - Long Live The Syndicate!
If you ask anyone on Atlantic shard what LLTS is, they will tell you its "The Syndicate" or at least that its a guild name. They are all wrong. LLTS is actually our motto. And it came into existance around the same time as the final game came out.

Guildstones didnt exist at this time. We needed some way to tell our members from other players and to identify ourselves as a guild in game. We needed an abbreviation or a slogan. We could have picked "TS" but that seemed to short and too plain so everyone was asked to pool their ideas and come up with someone.

LLTS (and what it stands for) was suggested and rapidly caught on. It caught on so much that other guilds began to steal it and use it as part of their slogans. Then again our squad structure and guild organization were also taken by many other guilds to base theirs around too.

Thus LLTS was born. It became something most members appended to their names when they created characters. It became our greeting when we saw each other. And it became synonomous with the largest, most powerful guild in online gaming. Eventually when guildstones came out, it became our abbreviation there. Its the only 4 digit abbreviation left in game today.

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