Age Of Conan Launch Party
Funcom, based out of Oslo, Norway decided to have a launch party for Age of Conan on Tuesday May 14th, 2008. The chose to invite the press and also a very few select guild leaders to the event. One of the groups they invited was, The Syndicate. Here is a copy of the invitation with the various events listed that they planned for their guests:

Next week, in Oslo, Funcom is hosting a launch party for Conan, and it should be quite a spectacle. Here are a few things the team is planning:

- New Content will be Shown – Large-scale raiding, social aspects, dancing game, Spellweaving and Conan’s role in the game. All of these items will be demonstrated on the big screen in a movie theater

- Fjord Boat Ride – A scenic tour of one of Norway’s most beautiful geographical phenomenon

- Launch Party – The festivity will take place in a custom-build fortress, complete with food, drink and outrageous entertainment. Norwegian death punk band, Turbonegro (, will be on hand for a private concert in the fortress courtyard. Conan, himself, will be on-hand, offering his army of slave girls to meet guests every need

- Live Soundtrack Concert – The orchestra that recorded the game soundtrack will be on hand for a live performance

You’re among a small group of major guild leaders we’re inviting to the event, and the team would love to see you out there. Funcom will take care of your flight and hotel accommodations.

We would like to thank Funcom for thinking of us and inviting us to your wonderful launch event.

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