2005 Syndicate World Conference
The Syndicate held its 4th annual world conference in Sept of 2005. That year's took place in Myrtle Beach, SC. It was attended by more than 130 people and was a huge success. Lasting for 4 days, the comradery and friendships that are built serve us well in the online gaming world. The Syndicate is a huge guild and opportunities like this help us to come a very close knit team despite our huge size.

This years connference featured a number of things of note:

  • Mr. Tact and Wilki from Electronic Art's UO team were at the conference. We had a great time both listening to them and offering feedback and ideas on how we feel UO can remain strong well into the future.
  • Jon (Landslide) and Jason (Virgil) from Themis were at the conference. This was their second year and it was a big success. Jason manages the Warcry site and received alot of feedback about it and he works on their online magazine The Escapist. Jon is an artist working on the Escapist full time.
  • We have a large 35ish person game of paintball. Many welts and 25,000 rounds of ammo later, we called it a day
  • We had our annual guild meeting where a number of topics, important to us, were discussed and important guild information shared.
  • A photographer flew in from England to photograph the guild. Initially the request was for 25+ members to get together for a picture of what a "large guild" looks like. When we let them know that we would soon have 130+ together, the opportunity was siezed and a photographer flown in. The picture will be used in a book and picture exhibition travelling Europe and the US depicting online groups in game and out of game.
  • Numerous aggroing's of the hotel security staff (conviently wearing yellow jackets labeled "Courtesy Officers"). After 4 days you would have figured they'd have moved people in rooms near our suites away but, alas, they didnt.

These annual conferences are the largest, Single Guild event in the history of online gaming. They are amazing in that they add a whole new level of fun and value to the online gaming world. Planning for the 2006 one began before the 2005 one was even over with the goal to make it even bigger and better.

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