The Syndicate Extended Game Support
For years, The Syndicate has maintained very large presences within a couple of major MMOs at a time and its members played many other games together but without "official" Syndicate support. With the evolving MMO landscape towards a more F2P model (which, to us, will often mean having multiple presences underway at the same time; some of them short term; some of them we revist periodically over the course of years) we needed a more flexible internal design to handle that. Additionally, our members are not part of our community simply for X or Y game. They are Syndicate members first and foremost and the games are merely tools to grow and enhance friendships. So we have evolved our internal model to offer official support for a much broader range of games with many more games concurrently having a Syndicate presence in them. We will still only recruit new members via "major" presences in a couple of games but we will have official groups within many other games at the same time. The reason we are still limiting recruiting to only a few games with large Syndicate presences is because we are seeking long term friends to our community. We cannot build those friendships, to the level of depth required for a long term, drama free, team focused relationship to develop, in small, potentially short-lived or intermittent, presences.

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