Avalon Lords Enters Early Access
We have mentioned Avalon Lords in our history already but its worth mentioning again. Animus Interactive engaged The Syndicate early on in its process. Over 70 Syndicate members took part in the ongoing testing. And after each test, the developer listened. A diverse group of testers was engaged. The group represented various play styles and backgrounds and levels of experience. Issues that the whole group saw were clearly ones the greater gaming community would experience. Issues unique to one style of game play or one level of experience took a more delicate touch to address so as to not impact the players with other skillsets and experience levels.

Animus took the feedback seriously. Each round of testing saw the game grow and improve and get more fleshed out. Bugs disappeared. Features were added; some planned long ago and some that came about from testing. Balance was tweaked. Issues and concerns addressed. And the game really became something that the testers enjoyed.

Then, in late April 2016, Steam Early Access launched. We have high hopes for the team at Animus and we wish them all the best. Our testers will continue to work on the product but now there are many more people seeing it and giving feedback. Two days into the Early Access, feedback is positive which is great to see.

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