Trion Game Day & Promo Video Filming
In November 2010, Trion announced a Game Day event that was open to the public. The announcement read:
Gamer Day Party
Thursday, November 11
B Street Billiards
164 South B Street
San Mateo, CA
7-10:00 p.m.

Behind the scenes of Game Day was a special invitation for The Syndicate to fly out and attend the event, tour the Studio, meet key development team members and to be filmed for a promotional video about Rift and our experiences in the game so far. At that time, The Syndicate had a large presence in the alpha (about 60 people) to test and provide direct feedback to Trion. A number of valuable pieces of feedback (including one pesky compatability issue between a high end network card and the Trion client) was provided to the team that helped shape the game moving forward. We were very glad to be invited and sent a local San Diego delegation to attend the Game Day event and flew in one of our most active, senior testers to participate in the video and developer feedback session. While, as of this point in history, Trion is new to the MMORPG arena, they clearly understand the value of community and have been exceptional with their use of 'current' social media to share information frequently. Players want information, even if its small snippets, on a regular basis and Trion 'gets' that. Game Day and bringing in a key testing group, like The Syndicate, are prime examples of their commitment to community influence on the final product.

The final video trailer came out on Dec 2nd 2010 and Syndicate member Falike has two talking head moments. You can see the HD trailer/video here: Falike shows up at 1:48 and again at 3:10 (for a lengthy explanation of the different builds you can have).

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