The Dark Alliance
Time passed and pkiller guilds came and went. PvP was at a low point when a group of pkillers got together and formed the Dread Alliance. Their plan was simple: To mass as many pks as they could and crush The Syndicate and all good aligned guilds. For some weeks noise was heard about this and scuffles with the alliance took place but nothing major ever came of it.

Finally, a meeting engagement was planned. A decisive battle to see who was the dominant force in game and who would continue onward. The pretext was simple and agreed to by both sides: The Dread Alliance would gather all of its troops and allies and go to the valley of Wrong. They would setup whatever defense they wanted to outside and inside the main level of wrong. At the appointed hour, The Syndicate and its allies would attack. The Dread Alliance had the advantage of surprise (being as how they were hidden and able to attack suddently) and the advantage of being able to setup first and the advantage of being the defender in a confined, known area.

The Syndicate and its allies massed. This attack was going to be massive and decisive. Losses could be expected but we were determined to win. At the appointed hour gates were opened and in we went. Driving into the valley we encountered the first wave of enemies. Blockades were in place, archers fired, ebolts flew and men screamed.

Within minutes the outer defenses were breached and those enemies not dead had fled into wrong itself. Healing up and massing up, we pushed into the cave itself. The second we appeared in the cave a massive wave of spells and arrows flew at us from behind another set of barracades. A couple in the front dropped but then a counter wave of spells and ebolts laid low nearly all of the defenders. Those last few defenders fled for thier lives. The Syndicate had won.

Within days of the battle the Dread Alliance officially disbanded. Here is a picture of the attack team taken after the battle:

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