Vanguard:Saga of Heroes
July 3rd, 2007
The Syndicate worked for Prima Games to create the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes strategy guide. Partnered with writer Joe Grant Bell we worked under large limitations imposed by Sigil in order to create a guide. The guide was required to be limited to levels 1-20 only and no discussion of boss mobs or even items that dropped in the game was permitted. We could discuss any system that existed but only within the context of what you could buy and learn from NPCs in game from level 1 to 20. This was very different than other MMO companies that we typically work with as they are more than happy to build lots of hype around their game by creating an extensive guide. The Vanguard guide was released as an e-guide. The game itself fared pretty poorly after launch but a change in ownership (SOE bought Sigil) and some focus on improving things did bring some players back to the game.

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