The Boys and Girls Club

The Syndicate has been a supporter of the Boys and Girls club (and an earlier incarnation: Youth Opportunity Unlimited) for many years. It is our pleasure to donate to them each year and support the great work that they do for underprivleged youth. In 2022 they build a 'tree' on their wall showing off sponsors. They had two levels. The rocks, who donated $20,000 or more each year and the Leaves who donated $1,000 or more each year (but less than $20,000). Unfortunately, we aren't at the $20,000 level (annually), but combined we have donated that quite a few times over. But we are well above the $1,000/year level. We are very appreciative of the leaf on the tree showing our support but we are most appreciative in seeing our annual donations making a difference in the life of kids. The stories they share with us and the lives we are able to have a positive impact on are why we donate.

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