The Syndicate Raid Signup Form
There is an inherent problem with Everquest. The game runs in entirely full screen mode. By doing this it prohibits players from playing at work. It makes answering emails or checking chatzones and such impossible while playing. And it severely limits other communications methods that are important for coordinating large raids. Anyone who has ever tried to do a large raid by shouting in game knows the headache this entails.

The Syndicate came up with its own private solution. Using the programming knowledge of one of our members (Aeonn) we coded a complete Application. This application allowed members, within our passworded members only Security area (where our chatzone and other features existed) to login to this Raid Signup Form. On the form they could enter all their char information and secondaries as well as see a list of other members. Should they want to do a hunt or a raid they would "add" an entry to the form complete with time, location, what items were needed, what levels were recommended and detailed descriptions. Also linked off this form were raid rules and hints/tips for successful raids and hunts.

All raids were listed on the main signup page and they were automatically aged off as the date passed. On the day of the raid they got a big red warning that today was the day. Members could click on any raid and "signup" for it with their main char or a secondary and indicate the degree of certainly that they could show up.

This proved to be a HUGE asset to us because we now had a good idea of who could come and we could plan our groups and our methodology before the raid began. Everyone coming was well informed before the raid began so downtime in game was minimal. The raid signup form proved an invaluable Syndicate tool that no other guild has/had.

As Verant added more and more "epic" type monsters that required large groups and good tactics to win, The Syndicate decided to setup a SECOND raid form that was "semi-public" (i.e. opened to our friends and allies). This form allowed them to enjoy the same benefits we enjoyed but avoided the morons and kiddies and aholes from corrupting the form. More and larger and more successful Epic raids came of this and the Syndicate Raid Form proved to be invaluable not only to Syndicate members but to friends and allies as well, once again proving The Syndicate sets the standards for others to follow...

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