8 Year Anniversary!!
The Syndicate celebrated its 8 year anniversary in early 2004. That is a monumental occasion for many reasons, not the least of which is the simple fact that literally 99.999% of all guilds will fail LONG before they reach the 8 year mark. To last this long is virtually unheard of in the gaming world so it is a milestone achievement and one The Syndicate is very proud of.

While the 8 years have not been free from challenge or the occasional issue, The Syndicate is very proud of its track record under the SAME Guildmaster (Dragons) for that entire time. There has never once been a major implosion of the guild. Nearly 85% of anyone who has ever left the guild for a negative reason, has later tried to rejoin the guild after figuring out they were wrong and the guild was, in fact, doing things better than anyone else in the gaming world.

Some interesting statistics of note are as follows:
  • 80%+ of The Syndicate has been a member for more than a year
  • 85% of all people who ever leave the guild, try to rejoin at some point siting they were wrong for leaving
  • More than 32,000 people have applied to join The Syndicate during its existance
  • More than 600,000 guilds have been created, and fallen apart in EQ and UO alone during The Syndicate's existance
  • The Syndicate has only had 1 guild leader for its entire existance
  • The Syndicate has never imploded.. never had to reform.. never had any catastrophic problem at all during its history.

The Syndicate has done more than any other guild in its 8 years. We set the bar that other guilds seek to achieve but we are never satisfied with where we are. We continually strive to make ourselves better and continue to push ourselves hard, in order to lead the pack for a long time to come. Happy 8th Anniversary!!

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