Pop And The Dragon Hoardes
In the early days of the game being a tamer was an even better thing than today. Stables would hold an infinite amount of creatures for very little money and dragons were nearly unstoppable. When attacked, a dragon would go invisible and shoot fireballs at its target. 2-3 invisible dragons would kill anyone in seconds.

The Syndicate had several very good tamers. Trax was the oldest of them and Tracer was also a good one. Trax, at one point, had tamed and stabled more than 400 dragons for the guild to use. Armies of dragons could be called up any time there was any problem with a pk group and the group was quickly laid to waste or they fled.

One special dragon was named PoP. PoP was a very large, red dragon. At that time it took a day or so for a beast to go wild but they were also a little flaky when they responded to commands.

PoP was placed on AD right by our recall spot in front of the white OSI building and became the islands mascot and guardian for a couple months until he died. Many members were friended to him and would feed him as they went by keeping him happy.

Of course PoP was tempremental. If you said "PoP Friend" and targeted someone, he was just as likely to eat them as he was to listen to them. If you said "Pop Kill" you stood a chance of him eating you once he was done eating the enemies.

None the less PoP was a good guard dragon and ate many pks and enemies during his day. He will be remembered.

Eventually OSI changed things. They began replacing stablemasters with new ones with new code and wiped out armies of dragons. They made dragons impossibly hard to tame (its since been lowered again) and dragons ceased to play such a critical role. However, before they did this, dragons played a key role in a infamous battle on Atlantic shard (see AOD battle below):

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