Warhammer Online Strategy Guide
The Warhammer Online Strategy Guide was the next major MMO strategy guide that The Syndicate worked on for Prima Games. This book helped redefine what a strategy guide was. The reason Prima and The Syndicate were working together was to get away from the old paradigm of just giving customers lists of quests and charts of data. That was not very useful over the long term. We want people that buy a strategy guide to get a great deal of value from it right away and we wanted them to pick it back up months later when they started working on that new alt or when they got into a new area of the game (crafting or pvp as examples) that they hadn't been involved in before and we wanted the guide to have relevance to them then.

The guides we have done to this point all took big steps in that direction. If you look at Might and Magic: Dark Messiah, BF2142, LOTRO (both books, Pirates (and its revision), Vanguard and even the Gods and Heroes book (which never made it to print due to the game being canceled) are all big steps in that direction. The Warhammer books (2 of them) take yet another major step forward. Included in them, among other things are:

  • 20 class guides that are written in the voice of the character and take you to max level and beyond into the end game content
  • A large and detailed PvP guide
  • Maps of the scenarios and tips on how to win in them
  • Maps of all the RvR areas along with screenshots showing key strategic and tactical points
  • Strategy on the dungeons and the lairs

Those are just a few of the things you will find in the books. Their development took place over months of work in the beta and with the Dev Team. The content is rich and full of detail. And the final product is both very professional looking (and very much in the Warhammer theme) and well worth the investment. We strongly feel another big step forward towards giving the consumer more value for their dollar was taken.

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