Advancing Into Uberness
Uber is such a stupid term and when a guild is refered to as Uber it carries with it positive and negative connotations. On the positive side it means powerful enough to do hard/top level MOBs in EQ. On the negative side it means loot focused (i.e. loot whores) who care little about the team, the family and the guild. The Syndicate doesnt subscribe to any of the negative stuff but we do love to kill hard things as a TEAM :)

Because of this we began to shift energy and focus into building a very active, very powerful high level team to take down "uber" mobs any chance we could. We are already the largest, by far, EQ guild and all we needed was some focus on higher level things.

To that end Dragons put in place 3 raid coordinators whos job it was to take guild goals, convert them into raids and then meet and exceed those goals. Goals at first included getting Cleric Epic weapons (to greatly reduce Corpse Retrieval when people die on raids) and getting some resist gear and additional planar armor. Goals changed and expanded from there and rapidly The Syndicate became an "uber" guild with respects to being powerful enough to kill Uber mobs. But the great thing about The Syndicate was that they didnt trade the core values of teamwork, friendship and fun for that goal! They did BOTH :)

Among their early days accomplishments included getting the monk, ranger, thief, enchanter and cleric epics. It included killing Cazic Thule, the god of Fear. It included killing the level 62 massive elemental of the burning woods, many times. It included taking down the Chardok king and his royal court repeatedly. It included dominating Sibilis and killing the named Juggernaut and Froglok. It including owning Fear and Hate and Howling stones. You name it and we were after it.

The end result was increased morale. Increased participation. And the mindset that there is no goal in EQ we cant and wont achieve before we move on to our next game!! All in all a very positive experience and a milestone in guild history.

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