3 More Guides Under Our Belt
With the launch of The Syndicate studio, new work immediately began to flood in. The first assignment was a pretty easy one and more in line with our past work. A new strategy guide for Halo ODST was being launched. Since ODST contained all the existing Halo 3 maps and a few new ones, and since the existing Halo 3 guide did not contain expert strategy for them, the assignment centered around getting expert strategy in place for those maps.

That assignment out of the way, dual assignments kicked in. Valve was very interested in having a guide done on Counter Strike: Source. CS: Source had been out for some years but it remained one of the most popular titles on Steam with thousands of new people playing it each month. So a decision was made to create a guide for it including expert map strategy and overall game strategy.

At the same time the CS: Source guide was getting underway, Pirates of the Burning Seas had a number of very cool new content releases being planned. The Pirates guide has been very popular among players of that game so the opportunity was taken to revise the existing guide making it current with patches and to add in the new content being released.

So immediately upon the launch of The Syndicate Studio, work began to come in and the chance to raise the bar for what consumers can expect in a strategy guide once again presented itself.

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