Syndicate D&D - Season 1 Finale

Since SyndCon 2019, a D&D campaign was launched with many members participating and using tools like Zoom and a carefully laid out grid mapping to run through a D&D campaign complete with miniatures, maps, dice rolls etc.. much like you would do in person. The log of the campaign stretched more than 30 pages and the culmination of the campaign occurred at the start of SyndCon 2020. With some players physically in the room with DM ChuWii, and others attending via Zoom call with webcams, the final battle took place. It started shortly after dinner and ran until the early morning hours when the heros finally overcame the challenge and concluded that campaign. One of the big lessons learned from the first campaign was how popular D&D was and how many members wanted to be involved. Season 2 is kicking off with 7 groups, 7 DMs and the additional of 3 other role playing games happening in parallel. The 7 groups for D&D will be playing the same campaign but in different areas of the world and it will culminate with them all coming together at the end, at SyndCon 2021.

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