Pirates 101
Aarrrgghhhh... There be Pirates in these waters!

The Syndicate has a long standing relationship with KingsIsle. Going back to before Wizard 101 launched, we had been working with them on their games and they had been a supporter and attendee to our SyndCon events since 2008.

So, in 2012 when they asked us if we would assist on Pirates 101, we jumped at the chance to help them out. Dozens of Syndicate members and their kids got engaged in the game very early on; well before the game was visible to the public. Their pages and pages of feedback; bugs; suggestions etc.. helped shape the game into a bigger success than it might otherwise have been. The KI team was always very open and receptive to feedback and they were able to get a good range of feedback from young kids to older adults and everywhere in between which helped increase who the game appealed to.

Working with KI is always a very fun and rewarding experience. We are excited to see how P101 does when it launches.

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