DAYZ - Again

In late 2019 and carrying over into early 2020, DAYZ saw a resurgence in the guild. We had a very strong presence, years ago, when the "mod" was being developed. Since The Syndicate loses very very few members, stories live on as shared experiences that go back 10..15..20 years. So the stories of DAYZ, from 6-7 years ago, still resonate very loudly. With the game finally reaching a fairly stable state, with base building and private servers etc.. we headed back into it and formed our own server. We spent a couple of months 'surviving' in the world as a community and then Livonia came out. We backed up our server and converted to that map and began again. While we are still awaiting things like helicopters and larger vehciles (like the VS3) the game is fun and Syndicate members are enjoying our own server (open to the public and advertised on the launcher) and the new crop of shared memories.

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