Bigfoot/Gigabyte Motherboard Test
In February 2011, The Syndicate tested the new Gigabyte G1-Killer Series of Motherboards. They were top tier motherboards supporting i7 processors and provided exceptional performance. What helped separate them from the pack was the upgrade onboard components such as the Creative sound card and the Bigfoot KillerNic card. The Syndicate, in support of our friends at Bigfoot, put the motherboards through their paces. Some of the team's feedback includes:

The device performs at an extremely high caliber and speed. The speed at which applications were installed and ran was amazing and didn't have any errors or hiccups at all once the operating system was up and running. I was particularly amazed at the amount of control the Killer NIC's software gives over the amount of network traffic going to each application. I tried downloading multiple items to see how the NIC would react and bandwidth was divided equally amongst the different applications, unless I changed the settings of who had priority. I tested Call of Duty: Black Ops and World of Warcraft. In WoW, I noticed no lag at all and my ping was in the high 60's-low 70's the entire time in Orgrimmar. I noticed no lag at all in COD: Black Ops as well. My performance in Black Ops was tangibly improved using this motherboard/network card combination.

and... I had a very enjoyable user experience with this motherboard . I put hours of gamming into it and was very pleased with how it handled the pressure. I started off with some COD black ops I was trying to over heat anything this game is a resource hog and pushes every component to the limit the motherboard and all the components handled it like a champ. The sound card onboard was a big plus for me I usually donít add a card to my rig and have to use the sound provided.

and... Fist off the packaging of this product is excellent. Everything you want to know about the product was easily located on the package. The camo look of the box was cool. Everything was nicely package inside the box and easily accessed. The first look at the motherboard indicated this is one cool looking board I like the color scheme the ammo clip and pistol look of the board. Second thought was that I need a new case to properly display the look of this board. The CPU socket area was clear of obstacles and made it very easy to install the CPU cooler. All in all installing the motherboard was fast and easy.

This motherboard/NIC combination performced expcetionally under all of the load The Syndicate threw at it. We chose the Coolermaster HAF X case to use in the final buildout since CM cases are outstanding and very easy to work with. The result of the top end motherboard + network card along with a stellar case, CPU and sound card resulted in a screaming fast gaming rig.

Here are a few pictures of one of the assembled machines:

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