Support Our Troops
The Syndicate has many members of our guild who proudly serve in the US Armed Forces. As the 2009 holiday season rolled around, we had a number of those members deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Far from home and unable to be with their families, we wanted to do something special for them to let them know they were not forgotten and we did appreciate their sacrifice for us.

Several dozen members volunteered to assemble care packages which were mailed not only to our members but to their units. Our deployed members became a conduit to help share our thanks and appreication to many soliders. More than 400 pounds of holiday cheer was shipped out. It not only came from donations of our members but, in several cases, from their companies as well. When a few members places of work learned what we were doing, they partnered with us to generate even more items to send overseas. The end result was a very positive impact on at least a few of the units deployed during the 09 holiday season.

Our holiday event was so successful that we continued it into 2010 with several businesses still working with us to send out another 150 pounds of items in Jan. We both want to thank all of our members who donated to make this possible as well as the brave men and women serving far from home.

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