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In July of 2006, Prima Games and The Syndicate joined forces.

Prima Games ( is the industry leader for print media strategy guides. They are responsible for the majority of the guides that you see on the shelves in computer stores. Included in their work is the guide for Oblivion, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Madden NFL 2007, Lego Star Wars 2 and literally hundreds of others.

Prima is looking to do two things to the guide market. First, they are looking to expand more heavily into the MMO guide area. Second, they are looking to raise the bar on the multiplayer section of their guides.

Most of the readers of this newsletter are gamers. Most of us have purchased guides before. I’m sure most of us have found the multiplayer sections lacking in content. They often describe how to create a game and some basic information on the different game types. Prima is looking to change that by including much more depth of knowledge in those sections. Strategies for maps and Hints & Tips for the different character types are two of the key areas they are improving.

Both of those goals are ones that The Syndicate can play a important role in. Having a very organized guild, with a very stable member base that we can trust and rely upon to do a good job separates The Syndicate from other guilds. We not only have the large number of people needed to support Prima’s efforts but we know our members very well so we can trust them to do a good job. Since the bulk of the guild has been a member for 1 to 10 years and are friends both within and outside the gaming worlds, Prima is able to have a high degree of confidence in our ability to deliver on our assignments.

Having more than 5,500 combined man-years of gaming experience in both MMOs and other computer games, The Syndicate is able to bring a huge storehouse of knowledge and expertise to bear on the guides it helps to work on. With dozens of Syndicate members working on some projects, a wide range of play styles and viewpoints can be obtained in order to give guides a well rounded feel. The detailed organizational structure of The Syndicate means that assignments are completed on time and with the level of quality that befits a Prima guide.

The Syndicate has signed an exclusive contract with Prima. We agreed not to work with any other print media guide writing companies. We believe very strongly in Prima’s methodology and their commitment to creating better guides for players so we were very comfortable creating that long term relationship with them.

The Syndicate has been and will continue to perform the following tasks for Prima:
  • Writing complete guides
  • Writing sections of guides (ex: class guides, map strategy sections or the multiplayer section of a guide)
  • Populating a test server so that the author of the guide can see the game in action, fully loaded and collect the necessary information to make the guide useful for players.

The Syndicate is extremely proud of its relationship with this industry leader. We look forward to helping Prima achieve success in the MMO arena and in setting a new standard for the multiplayer section of its guides. By doing that, we not only help proliferate gaming expertise (which is one of the tenants of our Trademark) but we also help make the money players spend on guides well worth the investment.

So next time you visit the local computer store, take note of all of those guides written by Prima. Pick one up and thumb to the credits. You might just see The Syndicate listed there. If you do, you can rest assured we invested a huge amount of time testing and reporting on the multiplayer content to help bring you the best guide possible.

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