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Over the summer of 2001, the Syndicate began to get very organized in EQ in terms of saving valuable information for its members to refer to later. Guides for classes, charts of quests and places to get gear/resist items, lists of spells and gems stored on mules and much more.

Accessible by Veteran members via our private Chatzone, this respository of knowledge continued to grow until it became an indespensible resource for many members. You could access our raid signup form, see if a spell was on the mule you needed, lookup a quest, read tips for quests etc.. right from within our chatzone security.

Many members contributed to these pages including Lady Ynis who managed the pages and was maintainer of the spell mule page. Mithrass, Veakari, Warduh, Caika and many more offered pieces to the overall collection of knowledge.

The end result is a substantial collection of EQ knowledge that has servered to better prepare and organize Syndicate members to conquer the world of Norrath.

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