SyndCon 2015
Our capstone event each year is SyndCon. This year marked the 14th annual event (which began back in 2002) and it celebrated our 19th year as an online gaming community. Taking place during August in a very hot Las Vegas, over 225 members, guests and VIPs gathered.

Among the focus areas this year were: Our annual charity raffle to support the Boys & Girls club and the American Cancer Society; our annual guild meeting; a tournament of a popular RTS game; a ‘raid’ on the Excalibur to continue the tradition of “Green Knight Sucks”; developer closed door sessions on Crowfall, Shroud of the Avatar, Star Trek: Timelines; Games of Thrones Ascent and the upcoming Ultima Online Expansion; Board Game Night (every night!) and Karaoke.

SyndCon was a massive success. The charity raffle set a new record. Everyone who participated won something. The developer sessions were outstanding. The guild meeting unveiled the strategy for the year ahead. But most importantly, many new friendships were formed and many old ones strengthened. In Friendship We Conquer. LLTS!

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