E3 2005
May 2005
E3 2005 was an exciting one for The Syndicate. We were participants in the event on many levels. First off, several development companies (including Themis and Funcom) offered us E3 passes that enabled us to send some members to attend the event. Those members went armed with Syndicate swag and special invitations to private meetings to talk about future MMO's and came back loaded with inside information to share with the guild. Second, we had several members who were MMO developers who were in attendance to support their companies games. Third, we had some members in attendance who were video game developers and producers in markets other than MMOs (for example: Quake 4) that were in attendance supporting their unveilings. And last but not least, we had members who owned MMO development companies there for, among other reasons, meetings with publishers to get their game rolling.

Needless to say, E3 2005 was jam packed and alot of fun. Lots of great information was brought back. Alot of stories were told. New friendships forged. New relationships with developers founded. We really enjoyed the 2005 E3 event and we want to once again give special thanks to Themis and Funcom for enabling us to send some members to the event in a "participant" capacity. Thank you!

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