UO New-Legacy Testing

2023 saw heavy development of the next chapter in Ultima Online's legacy. Having been involved in UO since the pre-alpha days (back when only one very tiny area was available for testing and the game worked much differently than it did when it launched), The Syndicate represents the oldest and longest serving fans and supporters of the game. When we were asked if we would support the UO:NL testing, we rapidly agreed. While the UO:NL server will not be a primary home for us, we do see it as a way to draw in additional players to the Ultima Online universe and thus help sustain the game for years more.

The testing went very well. UO:NL functions similarly in many ways to UO itself but has some core differences which may appeal to a different type of player. For example, in core UO when you perform an action, you gain skill in that action (such as swinging a sword or crafting an item). In that way you can build any kind of character that you wish. In UO:NL you gain skill by completing quests that guide you down more of a class specific path. Regardless, it has a UO feel to it and that "Ultima" isometric look and feel has been attracting gamers since the Commodore 64 days when Richard Garriott and his team at Origin released the first in a long series of Ultima games.

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