Avalon Lords
In late 2015, Animus Interactive reached out to The Syndicate. They were developing a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game and needed some assistance. Would The Syndicate be able to supply testers and give them feedback on the game at this very early stage? The idea being that we had both the manpower and the experience to test the game and supply value added advice that was early enough in the process that it could be implemented with a minimum of rework and expense yet produce a much stronger product in the end.

The Syndicate was glad to develop a new relationship and to help a developer break into the gaming scene. Dozens of Syndicate members volunteered to help out and began adding value from Day 1 locating game launch issues before the testing even began. From there, the results continued to come in and, over time, we are sure Avalon Lords will develop into an even stronger product.

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